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by | Jun 1, 2022

Writing is my thing. I love it and I’m good at it. But ask me to design and build a website, I’m not so great. I could (and have) spend hours reading about it and trying to learn what to do. And then attempting to do it. Badly.

Now, I’m not saying that if you’re not brilliant at writing, your blogs won’t be any good. What I am saying is that the time we spend trying to figure it out, is time we could be spending on other parts of our business. Doing the things we are good at.

Learning the hard way

I learnt that lesson the hard way with this website. I spent months, and I mean months, doing a course and trying to design and build this website. In the end, it took me 10 months. 10 months of lost opportunities to connect with potential customers online. And it didn’t even do what I needed it to. So I ended up doing what I wished I’d done in the first place, and paid an expert to do it.

That’s why I’ve created my blog writing packages. Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone. Coming up with content ideas, then a strong headline and keywords before you’re even written a word, is time consuming. And more so if it feels like chore you have to do because you know regular blog posts are good for your business.

I can take all of that off your hands, leaving you to do what you’re good at.

Blog packages
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Content ideas for blog posts

Either you give me some content ideas, or I can come up with them. If you want to do an interview series with people who inspire you, I can sort that out. Just let me know who you’d like to be included and I’ll do the rest. I’ll come up with the questions and contact the people you’d like to take part. And then edit the responses and turn them into a posts.

I use tools like Keysearch to help me find the best keywords and phrases so that the posts are working hard for your business. Having the right words means they show up in searches and drive traffic to your website.

I’ll make sure the post has a strong headline and flows with a logical start, middle and end. And I’ll make sure those all important keywords are used in the right places.

Blog writing packages

I’ve got three tiers of packages. The first is one blog post a month which is £125 for up to 800 words. One post a month is enough to keep your website on search engine’s radar, showing them it’s an active site with regular new content.

The second tier is a post every fortnight which is £240. This package is the perfect amount so you can alternate between business and non-business posts.

The third tier is four posts a month which is £460. This package gives you a lot of new content to bring new visitors and potential customers to your website, and a saving on my individual blog prices.

If you’d like your posts to be longer, or you want me to source images, I can do that too. Just get in touch and I can tailor the package to exactly what you need.

Holiday mode

My packages are a great tool for you to use all year round, but they come into their own over the holiday period. Knowing that your website content is sorted means you can kick back and relax while the posts are working hard for your business.

Blog packages
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So, if you’re reading this and thinking “I need on one of your blog packages”, get in touch. But don’t hang about, because I have limited availability. Click here to ask any questions or book a package.

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