Five facts about me

by | Oct 19, 2021

I thought I’d share five interesting(ish) facts about me to help you get to know me a bit better. I’d love you to join in and share something about you that’s a bit different.

So, here goes…..

  • I’m a redhead. I hated my hair colour when I was younger and have probably had more than my fair share of failed home colouring attempts over the years. As I’ve got older, I’ve learned to love it as it’s part of who I am. So, other than trying to cover up the ever increasing number of grey hairs, my home colouring days are over (I think).
  • I was an international gymnast. I was the middle in a Women’s Trio which is sports acrobatics rather than artistic gymnastics. We came 5th in the World Championships in Beijing, China in 1994. During our time in Beijing, we went to the Great Wall of China which was amazing. A Chinese couple wanted to take a photo of me with their son because of my hair colour. Said child was absolutely terrified and ran off because he’d never seen anyone with red hair before!

Image by Squirrel_photos from Pixabay

  • I had to sit one of my GCSEs in a hotel room with my coach because we were travelling to a training camp in Bulgaria on the day I was supposed to sit it. She was a former teacher so I presume that’s why we were allowed to do it. It was GCSE law and I got a B grade.
  • During the warm up for the World Championships in Poland in 1996, I got some dust in my eye and managed to lose my contact lens as I was trying to clean it. Despite the best efforts of my team mates and several other teams (the Japanese team got on their hands and knees and did a finger tip search of the floor!), we couldn’t find my lens. And I hadn’t brought any spares with me. So, I had to compete only being able to see out of one eye.
  • I LOVE shoes. The more sparkly, the better. I have about 20 pairs that are currently stored in boxes on top of my wardrobe because the heels are too high for my aging knees and I can’t walk in them.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

What about you? What five facts would you like your readers to know about you?


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