Five-day blogging challenge

What is the five-day blogging challenge? 

A challenge spread over five days to help business owners create blog posts that show up in search engines and bring new traffic to their websites.

Who is it for

Business owners who want to learn how to create better blog posts that are well structured, contain the right words and are error-free which will help their business grow.

How does it work?

You’ll receive an email each day for five days containing different tasks. You will also get access to a free Facebook group where you can ask questions and support everyone doing the challenge. The aim on the last day is to publish your post.

Why do I need to join?

Blog posts are a brilliant way of bringing new traffic and therefore potential new customers to your website. To do this, they need to be structured, easy to read, contain the right words, and be error-free. Badly written posts can turn visitors away and won’t help your business grow.

If you don’t feel confident about blogging, or want to get a better understanding of how to write posts well, this challenge is for you.

How long will it take?

30-45 minutes a day.

Do I have to do the tasks on the day they’re set? 

No, you can do them at your own pace. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing one task and then leaving it a few weeks before doing the second. You’ll get the most from the challenge if you do each task when the previous one is still fresh in your mind.

When does it start?

Monday 30th January.

The topics

Day 1 

Content ideas

Day 2 

SEO and keywords

Day 3 

How to structure your post

Day 4 

Write your post

Day 5 

Proofreading and editing


Hit publish!


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