Why content is so important

Do the words you use on your website really make a difference to whether your product or service sells? Surely what you’re selling speaks for itself? 

In some cases, yes. You’ll sell some just because of the product or service itself. But to be able to sell consistently to a wide audience, you need to utilise the power of brilliant copy to help you build a relationship with your customer.

If you think of yourself as a customer. Are you more likely to spend your money on something from a website that has engaging content which is easy to read, free from typos and spelling mistakes? Or one using poor grammar, littered with errors, long sentences and paragraphs that cover half the page?

My guess is you’ll go with the former, no matter how good the product is from the latter.


Your customers need to have confidence in what you’re selling. Clear, accurate copy that connects them to you. Tells them what you’re about. Helps you to build a relationship with the people who you’d like to buy your product or service. It helps you to build up their trust in you as someone who is selling something they need, and that it will do what you say it will.

Poor copy doesn’t help you do that. In fact, it can do the opposite.

Finding the right words to create your message can be difficult. And time consuming. Getting it right can feel like a lot of pressure. That’s where I come in. I’ve created content and blog packages that help you hit the ground running. They provide you with top quality, affordable content to set your new business on the right path.


Blog packages - desk

Blog Package

Writing isn’t for everyone. Using blog packages in your business lets you concentrate on your area of expertise, while I create brilliant content for you. 

They’re a great tool to use all year round, but as we prepare to move into the last quarter of the year, they can help you get organised and focused for the last few months of the year.

I can write weekly, fortnightly, or monthly blogs of up to 800 words for your website. You can set the topic, or I’ll create something based on your business and what’s happening in your industry.

I’d recommend you commit to a plan for at least three months to start to see the benefits of having regular content on your site.


Monthly plan – one blog post a month: £125

Fortnightly plan – two blog posts a month: £240

Weekly plan – four blog posts a month: £460

All-inclusive Package

Do you need a second pair of hands to concentrate on writing so that you can focus on other aspects of your business?

An all-inclusive package can do just that.

The package includes a blog post of up to 1000 words which I’ll then use to create a newsletter and three social media posts.

This package makes the best use of your content and will help bring new people to your business.


Package price: £225

Wish Freelance Writing Inclusive Package
Wish Freelance Writing Content Package

Content Package

Starting in business is a daunting task. I can take away some of the stress by writing content to get your new website up and running fast. I’ll put words together which give your brand a voice to tell customers what you’re about and the services or products you provide.

The package provides you with three pages of content for your website. You provide me with some information about you and your business and I’ll do the rest. I’ll research your business sector, the terminology, and the keywords that will bring customers to you. Your content will be ready within three weeks. All you need to do is add it to your website and you’re good to go.

Content Package

Package includes:
*three pages of content up to 800 words per page (for example about me, services, and one blog post).
*two-week turnaround from receipt of your completed questionnaire.
*regular reviews to make sure you’re happy with the tone and content.
*reasonable edits (for example, incorrect facts).

Package price: £600

Wish Writing Content Package
Wish Freelance Writing

Single post

I can write a blog post to cover a topic of your choice. The price varies depending on the length and the amount of research required.

Single blog post up to 800 words: from £125

Other projects

For other projects such as writing content for newsletters and training materials or eBooks, I’ll either charge a fixed price or a daily rate, depending on the detail, length, and subject matter.

Daily rate : from £270

Wish Freelance Writing