Mini SEO Audit

Mini SEO audit: Computer screen with SEO Search Engine Optimisation on it and post-it notes all around with words relating to SEO written on them

Mini SEO Audit

Your website is the shop window into your business. It showcases your products or services, increasing your visibility, authority, and revenue.

But it can’t do that if no one knows it’s there.

If you want to unleash the full potential of your website, increase your referrals, new clients, and therefore revenue, you need to make sure all the parts are in the right places.

That’s what a mini SEO audit does.

It will also help you to stop feeling overwhelmed by SEO, understand what you can do to improve your authority, and take action.

Improving your website’s authority doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. The mini-audit breaks everything down for you into small tasks.

I’ll review everything from your keywords to your links and content to make sure it’s working hard for your business.

You’ll get an action plan that tells you what needs to be changed and how to change it. The plan will also show you how to keep improving your website’s authority, building on the strong foundations that will bring new clients and therefore revenue to your business.

You’ll also get a copy of my SEO workbook to help you keep on track.







 What’s included

  • Keyword review which includes making sure they are in the right places.
  • 5 organic keywords
  • Review of internal, external,  and broken links
  • Competitor research
  • Alt Text Suggestion
  • Full action plan to guide you through the recommended changes
  • Email support
  • SEO workbook to help you keep on track



Price: £249

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