Case study: The Authority Boost – Press release and media pitch writing

by | May 13, 2024

The client

Our Local Tour is a tour operator based in the North East of England that specialises in bespoke, sustainable, and responsible travel that supports local economies and leaves a positive impact on the places clients visit.

The problem

Aled, the director of Our Local Tour wanted to get his website working hard by generating new leads and sales, and also wanted to get people talking about his business by being featured in the media.

One of the best ways to boost a website’s authority with search engines is to get backlinks from other credible websites. This shows search engines such as Google that a site can be trusted because other websites trust it enough to include a link to it. The more backlinks a website has, the higher its authority which takes it closer to the top of search results pages. And the higher a website’s ranking, the more people see it which helps to increase sales.

Well-known newspapers and magazines have high authority numbers which improves the quality of the backlinks they provide.

Aled had written a press release but didn’t feel confident that it conveyed all of the information he wanted about his business in an eye-catching and engaging way. He wanted to feel confident about contacting journalists so that Our Local Tour would be featured in local and national press to help increase its reputation and sales.

The solution: The Authority Boost

Aled agreed to be a beta tester for “The Authority Boost” which is my new service that provides small business owners with the tools they need to seek out PR opportunities and get press coverage.

I created a press release that captured the essence of Our Local Tour, sharing its ethos, passion, and how it stands out from other tour operators. I also wrote a media pitch tailored to a specific publication that I felt would be a good fit for the business, as well as template pitches for podcasts and publications. These were designed so that Aled could amend them so that he could tailor them to each podcast or publication he contacted.

In addition to this, I wrote a media bio to be included when Aled sends contributions or quotes to journalists so that the correct information and contact details are published.

Finally, I suggested some resources for Aled to use to find PR opportunities such as Facebook Groups and paid memberships. I also provided a couple of suggested publications to contact and the journalist’s contact details.

The Authority Boost represented by a pile of open magazines stacked on top of each other
Image by kconcha from Pixabay

The outcome

Aled has all the tools he needs to contact publications that are a good fit for Our Local Tours. He also knows where to find additional resources to help him learn how to do his own PR and get featured in the press and on podcasts so that his website’s authority increases, which in turn, will help to boost sales.

The Authority Boost

“The Authority Boost” is available from the beginning of June. To get the details and be on the early bird waitlist which includes a discount, subscribe to my newsletter The SEO Club, or send me a message. Make sure you include “Boost” in the first line of your message.


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