Free Five-Day Blogging Challenge

by | Jun 24, 2022

Are you a small business owner who wants to create brilliant blog posts to bring new customers to your website? Is your biggest challenge having the confidence to press publish because you’re worried your post isn’t good enough? Do you want to find out how to structure your post and the basics about SEO?

If this sounds like you, my free blog challenge starting on the 26th of September is what you need.

What is the blogging challenge?

A five-day challenge to help small business owners create blog posts that show up in search engines and bring new traffic to their websites. It will help to create good blogging habits so you can continue to create blog posts that will help your business grow.

Who is it for?

Small business owners who want to learn how to create better blog posts that are well structured, contain the right words and are error free which will help their business grow.

How does it work?

You get emails for the five consecutive days of the challenge, with a task based on that day’s topic. You will also get access to a free Facebook group where you can ask questions and will be a great opportunity to get to know everyone on the challenge, and support each other. The aim on the last day is to publish your post.

Five day blogging challenge

Why do I need to join the blogging challenge?

Blog posts are a great way of bringing new, organic traffic and therefore potential new customers, to your website. To do this, they need to be structured, easy to read, contain the right words and be error free. Badly written posts can turn visitors away and won’t help your business grow. One of the major challenges for small business owners with a to-do list as long as their arm, is feeling confident about blogging. So, if you want to build your confidence and get a better understanding of how to write posts well, this challenge is for you.

How long will it take?

30-45 minutes a day.

Do I have to do the task on the day?

No. But I would recommend doing the tasks in a week (or day if you have time) rather than doing a single day, leaving it a few weeks and then coming back to day two etc.

What are the topics?

There’s a new topic each day starting with post ideas. We will look at where you can get inspiration for what to write about and where to find fresh ideas.

Day 2 is all about SEO and keywords which will look at ways to improve the searchability of your post, and how to find the right words to use using online tool.

Day 3 looks at how to structure your post so that it flows and is easy to read. A common reason why people stop reading a blog post is because it’s difficult to understand and doesn’t flow.

Day 4 is your opportunity to write your post. I’ll be available in the Facebook group if you have any questions.

Day 5 is all about checking your post before you press publish. This will include some brilliant proofreading tips from Tracy at Vale Proofreading. And then you’ll be hitting publish!

I hope you’ll find that the challenge gives you the tools to use blogging regularly and confidently to bring new customers to their website.

Five-day blogging challenge

Sign up to the challenge

Click here to join and if you’ve got any specific questions about it, leave a comment or get in touch here.


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