How to boost your SEO by being nosy

by | Jun 9, 2023

Sometimes, coming up with new website content ideas can be a challenge. Particularly if you want to do something a bit different from your usual blog posts that’s also good for your SEO.

That’s why Q&As are a great option. Once you’ve done the groundwork, they’re an easy way of adding regular fresh content to your website. And if you offer to do a Q & A in return, they’re also a brilliant way of boosting your SEO. Plus, you get to be nosy and find out about what other people are up to and why they do what they do!

Create a wish list

To get started, write a wish list of people you’d like to know more about. They could be in the same type of business as you, or local to you. Or someone you admire, or like how they work. Think big and include people in the public eye too who you’d love to know more about. As we say in the North East, “shy bairns get nowt” so if you don’t ask, you’ll never know if the person would be up for it or not.

Then think about what you (and your audience) would like to know about them. You could ask them things like why they set up their business. How did they set up their website? What is the thing they know now, that they wish they knew when they started? What advice would they give to someone thinking of setting up their own business? What’s one unusual fact people don’t know about them? Who inspires them? What’s their favourite thing to do away from work?

Try and make the questions a bit different and fun. If a question piques someone’s interest, they’re more likely to say yes to taking part than if they’re run-of-the-mill. If you don’t know them, do some research and have one question that is specifically tailored to them. I have an interview series which is “Inspiring Businesses“. I have seven questions which are a mixture of business and fun. So far, the interviewees are women who have inspired me and have helped me in my business journey.

Get in touch

Once you’ve got a list of questions you’re happy with and you think your audience would be interested in knowing the answers to them, contact all the people on your list. Introduce yourself and ask if they’d be willing to answer a few questions which will be part of a series on your website. If they’re on your list because you admire them and their work, let them know. If they’re just around the corner from you, use that as a hook to get them interested in taking part.

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Ideally, aim to get 12 people involved so that you can turn it into a monthly feature. You could start with you as the first one as that’s a great way of sharing a bit about you and why you do what you do with your audience. And don’t just save the content for your blog. You could add a snippet of it into your newsletter and include a link to the post to get people to click through. And do the same with social media, making sure you tag in the interviewee so that they can share your post.

Using one interview a month lightens the load in terms of blog writing too. These types of posts are quick and easy to edit, add images to and publish. They won’t necessarily show up in search engines results (but they might if the person has a high profile), but they’re still a great way of helping your business to grow online.

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