Google update: Don’t panic!

by | Jun 12, 2024

There’s been a lot of chatter on social media about the recent Google updates, the role of AI, what they mean for SEO and how easily a website is picked up. So, I thought it might be useful to share my views on it.

The first thing I want to say is don’t panic!

This is by no means the first Google update and it won’t be the last. And whilst it will change some things, the fundamental basics of SEO remain the same.

So, what has changed?

I think the short answer is not a lot.

Some details may be of interest to small business owners like bold text (used appropriately to highlight a link or important phrase) is picked up more easily, keyword stuffing is still an absolute no, make sure your anchor text for a link (the words you use for the link) don’t contain too many keywords and poor navigation can lower your ranking.

Other than that, a lot of the update highlights what we already know and hopefully what we’re all working towards. So, a website that contains the right words used in the best places, that is user-friendly and easy to navigate and contains quality content that demonstrates expertise, experience, authority and trustworthiness are the factors that Google and other search engines are looking for.

Create solid foundations

What is clear is that Google rewards sites with solid SEO foundations which continue to boost authority and increase ranking regardless of future algorithm updates and trends.

Whether people use AI or type things into a search engine manually, having strong keywords in the areas of your website that are looked at by search engines will always increase a site’s chances of appearing high up in results pages.

Keeping people on your site for longer with great content and internal links so they can move between posts and pages easily is another key factor that is unlikely to change.

Most people consume content on their phones so making sure your site is optimised for the small screen continues to be important.

Check your image and video sizes and add alt-text with keywords where appropriate.

AI can be a useful tool to enhance content creation, keyword research and come up with ideas, but content and copy created using it exclusively will be penalised.

Google updates. Suzy Stanton sitting in long grass writing in a notebook

Google update: Keywords and content

But the main fundamentals that will always remain the same are using the right keywords for your type of business and having quality content.

Your keywords are what attract the attention of Google and other search engines. But they won’t show your website to the people who want to buy what you’re selling unless your content is engaging, well-written, adds value and shows you are what you EEAT.

I hope that calms your nerves and reassures you that there’s no need to scrap what you’re doing and start again.

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