How many pages should a business website have?

by | Dec 16, 2021

How many pages a business website needs depends on what your you do. Generally speaking, the more pages you have, the easier it is for your website to rank well in search engines such as Google. However, that will only work if the content in each page is good.

Most small businesses will need these five key pages:

1. Home page

This tells readers what your business is about and is the first page they’ll see. They should be able to tell from it what your business is and what you do.

2. About page

This is where you tell your story. Why did you start your business? What led you to where you are now? What is your business? How can it help people?

3. Products / Services page

Depending on the type of business you have, you’ll need either a shop page where people can buy your products, or a page that details your services and how you can help people solve a problems they have.

How many pages does a business website need?
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4. Blog

No matter what type of business you have, a blog page is a must. It’s a great way of sharing relevant content which helps Google find you and show your website to people who are looking for what you sell. The key is having well written regular content. An engaging blog once a fortnight is far better than writing a blog every day when you’re struggling to think of anything to write. Badly written posts will do more harm than good.

5. Contact page

This gives readers all the information they need to be able to get in touch with you.

Other pages you could include are a resources page if you offer free downloads or printables; review page where you share what others have to say about your business; portfolio to share photos and links to work you’ve done for others.

Have a look at other businesses in your field to see what their website looks like. How many pages do they have? What do they contain? Then have a think about what you want your website to contain and how each page should look. What information do you want to share on each page?

Once you’ve got a plan about what you want to include, start writing!

How many pages does a business website need?
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